Shamanic Drums painted with Spirit Power animals or/and Spirit guides

I am a qualified Shamanic Practitioner, I trained with Howard and Elsa Malpas in Glastonbury ( If you know your power animal and already own a drum I can paint the animal for you from one or various images you provide. If you don’t know your power animal or spirit guide I can do a Shamanic Journey in which I can find our what your Power animal is. If you do not own a drum and would like one, I recommend using Remo Buffalo Drums which you can find on Amazon UK. They are synthetic, hence not made of animal skin, and they have the advantage of having great sound in all weathers.
No two drums are ever the same as everyone’s power animal is special to them. Enquire about commissioning your Drum by sending me an email.
To find out more about power animals and spirit guides click here. To find out more about Shamanism click here