I have done some work in the public sector for London Boroughs such as Barnet and Islington, Beauchamp Lodge Settlement Charity and Diverse Care Fostering agency in order to raise awareness and promote Fostering and Adoption

Journey Through Fostering

Journey Through Fostering

This collage has been assembled with lots of original drawings from fostered and adopted children from London Boroughs of Barnet and Islington.

We took the children and their parents out on a boat trip along Regent’s Canal, aboard of ‘The Floating Classroom’, a wide boat equipped like a school classroom run by ‘Beauchamp Lodge Settlement’ Charity.

We asked the kids to make drawings based on the boat trip along Regent’s Canal and through London Zoo. This collage is on board and is 152cm x 122cm in size.


Paper Mural

Here we asked parents to come up with 6 words which in their opinion summed up their experience of being fostering and adoptive parents. The parents worked together with each other and with the children who produced lots of beautiful drawings which I then assembled in these 6 individual panels about 30cm x 30cm.

Paper Mural

I was also commissioned to make 6 mosaic panels 45cm x 45cm to further represent the 6 Key words of fostering and adoption as chosen by the parents.

We had a launch party where we displayed the murals at Pizza Express who kindly sponsored the launch at one of their restaurants on the South Bank. We raised awareness of adoption and fostering as well as thanking and celebrating the adoption and fostering teams at Barnet and Islington, the children and parents. It was great to see children scanning the works to find their drawings and have their picture taken next to it!

This piece was made for Diverse Care Fostering Agency

Diverse Care

It was made of cloth to symbolise the weaving together of lives and families.

We organised an event for the kids and the parents and asked everyone write down a wish on a strip of cloth.

I then collected lots of recycled material and the strips of cloth and assembled them into this piece. It is on canvas about 120cm x120cm, stitched together using bright cotton thread and upholstery needles.