Astral Chart Drawing. Pencil on Paper 23″ x 11″ 58.5cm x 28cm

The Astral Chart is a map of the sky which shows where the planets were at the exact time of your birth. If the exact time of birth is not known the time is rounded up to 12am or 12pm, however the chart is much more accurate when the exact time of birth and location are known. (Get your Astral Chart here: and click on Free Birth Chart).
The astral chart is like a soul plan, and shows tendencies, strengths and weaknesses and often gives insights on what we have come here to accomplish in this lifetime and areas of our life that we can ‘work’ on in order to achieve greater peace and harmony. Please note that nothing is set in stone, and with love and compassion we can change many aspects of ourselves.
No two Astral Chart drawings will ever be the same; I tune into what I feel from the person and begin to represent what I see in their chart with drawing images, portraits and writing. Contact me by email if you would like to know more.