About Me

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I spent most of my childhood travelling, living in different places. I was born in Bulgaria where my Italian parents were working at the time. Italian is my first language. I always drew even if I attended schools which didn’t offer art as a subject for the most part. With no art qualifications I thought it was too late to pursue a career in fine art. My first degree was in modern languages, French and Spanish. Then I did a Teaching English diploma and got a job working for a newspaper. Six months into it, I realised that it wasn’t at all what I wanted to do. It made no sense to quit, especially since the job and the people are worked with were great, but I felt ‘wrong’. One day I woke up with this sentence in my head: ‘Reason fails miserably in its explanation’.
I left my job and started putting together a portfolio of work to get into art college. I did my Foundation Course at Chelsea College of Arts, then went on to Camberwell for a degree in Drawing and Painting. I graduated from it with the Painters Stainers Award for Easel Painting (even if I detest easels, my work is big so I would rather have it up on a flat wall when I’m working) and the Bruce Church Travel Scholarship, which took me to New York.
I came back and did several shows. In 2004 I was awarded ‘The Hugh Casson Drawing Prize’ from Royal Academy Summer Show which I shared with Paula Rego and Frank Auerbach.
Shortly after that I felt like I was at a crossroads. It wasn’t just the end of a chapter, but the end of the first book. I needed something but didn’t know what. I got accepted at The Prince’s Drawing School for the scholarship known as ‘The Drawing Year’ and once I finished that I took a break and went off to train in Jivamukti Yoga, Shamanic Healing and many other esoteric practices. I guess I needed to dig deep inside myself to start the next ‘book’.
It took a while, and life got ‘in the way’ big time, as it does. I took a break from the art work and worked less on canvas and more on myself, teaching yoga, art , languages, shamanic practices. I changed. The work started being less ‘black and white’ and straight lines and included more empty spaces, different softer geometrical concepts and other beings, such as ghosts and animals. Writing has always been part of the drawings and paintings, but I always cover it up. I know it’s in there. When things are art they cannot be spoken and when things can only be spoken they need to be written and cannot be depicted so I write them in, sometimes as secrets.
I showed at St Paul’s Cathedral in occasion of its 300th anniversary, which got me back in work mode but not quite onto the next ‘book’.
I have recently moved into a new studio in Bromley-by-Bow in East London. It’s industrial heaven with amazing light and fantastic view.
And here I’m working on the next phase…